2016: The Year Which Truly Defines the Phrase “Dawn of Drones Age”

The year 2015 has something to articulate about drones, then I would say it will be “2016, the present year will be the dawn of drone age.” Today, whether the subject matter was on the operation of military drones in the foreign countries or investigating how the regulatory process will be carried out for growing occurrence of commercial and private drones throughout worldwide, drones appears as the obligatory topic of upcoming tech updates. But recent activities in this section have proven that “future is at the present”.

Launch of Drone Rules:

The discussions on the drone rules have taken longer period than anybody might have anticipated. But in December’2015, the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration have gone through a discussion panel with the high-level advisory team and finally come up with certain rules governing the drones use in the United States.

According to these strict drone rules, the owners of these tiny helicopters, both commercial and private, have to register themselves with the drones’ database of FAA before sending the 0.55 to 55 pounds devices into the sky. Failing in registration or violation of this law will straightaway lead the owners to pay high penalties ($27,500 to $250,000) or probably they may put themselves behind bars. In fact the FAA has taken some tips from the casino online industry in how to implement new regulations with the advent of new technology and increasing customer demand.

The Federal Aviation Administration has documented some drones which are not requiring any registration, but rest of the owners of the drones has time till 19th Feb’2016 to get them registered with FAA as the rule will become official after this date.

Drones Are All Over The Place:

  • The beginning of 2016 is quite good for drone age as high-profile individuals and celebrities are taking the help from drone age to maintain some privacy semblance.
  • But some of the reports say some of the drone users get arrested for flying remote-controlled drones nearer to the airport station.
  • These news covers are eclipsing the best results that people can get from drone age.
  • Regardless, you may find the different use of drones in different sectors.
  • Starting from military to police departments, photography business to videography business and real estate to agriculture and so on, drones are all over the place today.
  • E-commerce business owners are new to use drones for their product delivery system in near future. These drones are named as Prime Air delivery drones.
  • In these drones, you will see an obstacle avoidance sensor installed with which these drones will carry a small square compartment for transportation of the packages directly to the customers.
  • With the seamless help of technology advancements, drones are nowadays can fly longer and further by carrying great loads of packages/items.
  • Isn’t it more efficient as well as cost-effective as compared to the traditional delivery system? Yes, it is!

By taking the entire year 2015 into concern, it is hard to say that 2016 will be the year where drones will truly begin to surprise crowd, but somehow the process has already started. But in 2016, the drone delivery system will not be seen by the global people, yet we have to wait for some months to see this upgrade.